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Cabanas Beach Bar & Grill is getting a new look and a new business concept within the Frog Spring Corporation's stable of great restaurants which include the Draught Horse Pub & Grill and Iron Pier Craft House.  Same owners, same staff, same location, built from the same philosophy of offering outstanding food and drink selections centered around the friendliest and attentive staff in Cape May. For the past two months our team has been working extremely hard to prepare for the 2020 season while continuing to build the "locals" hometown vibe established from operating over the past 20 seasons on the Cape May beachfront.  Our mission? Create a fun and entertaining dining experience centered around craft Mexican food and cocktails in a tequileria theme.

Our name?

Taco Cabillito Tequileria. The legend is that a great Mexican revolutionary requested a shot of tequila as his last right before execution.  The tequila was poured into his personal shot glass, and as he lifted the glass to his lips, a tiny golden horse could be seen at the bottom.  To this day, the long narrow shot glass used to drink tequila is known as a “Caballito.”

The story dates back to the time of the former agave haciendas, where foremen used to go out on horseback to supervise work in the fields. They would hang on their necks a bull’s horn that had been hollowed out and cut to drink tequila. As legend has it, when they were asked why they wore it like this, the answer was simple: “it’s tequila for my horse (Caballito).” And soon the small tequila glass became known by this name.

Taco Caballito is a unique experience for those that want to be transported into a vibrant, yet calming setting that merges music, gastronomy & mixology in the heart of Cape May.  We've created a space that promotes synergy amongst all cultures blending the essential elements of a memorable encounter.  Taco Caballito is your place to call home, to connect with friends, as well as a beacon of eclectic Mexican food, unique handcrafted cocktails, and over 70 tequilas, many of them from small, artisan distilleries seldom seen outside of Mexico.

Let's raise our glasses with a shot of tequila for Cabanas, the revered beach bar will continue to ride with the Caballito and will always be a part of the Jersey shore experience.